"Site Build It! Scam"?
Beware Of Fake "Site Build It! Reviews" Campaign

In February, 2009 unscrupulous competitors flooded the Web with fake reviews about "site build it scam" or "sitesell scam" and other untrue, negative "Site Build It! reviews." It was, in effect, a "Google bomb" to gain high search rankings for search terms that would damage our reputation.

Since then, the occasional disgruntled former customer (ex., "fired" for being a persistent and severe disruptor of the SBI! Forums) has found and joined this effort, complete with link optimization. Almost all of these people (approx. 15) with the hurtful high rankings are former SBI! owners...

Yes, we see the irony, too 🙄...

It is a warped kind of testimony to the power of SBI!. 💪

Most were successful with their SBI! businesses - they now take great pains to claim that SBI! "had nothing to do with it" (despite renewing their subscriptions for years). One grew to 3,000 visits per day. She claimed not to have used SBI, despite renewing it monthly for 36 months and despite calling SBI! (in the SBI! Forums) "the best product for online business-building."

These IEDs' (Irrationally Exuberant Detractors 😉) coordinated intensity is surpassed only by their ability to flat-out lie. And it turns out that our response options are surprisingly limited, to wit....

Lawsuits take time, are distracting and would only replace one hydra head with another, while making us "the bad guy." Despite the fact that legal opinions from 3 different states and Canada all say we would win easily, this is not an attractive option.

Debate is counterproductive because it is not sincere. Their replies are simply more "bait" and not serious debate. They swarm like bees to any forum mention of SBI!, adding to their list of false charges. The result?...

All debating does is create more content and search rankings for them. We have even requested SBIers not to reply to them, giving them what they want (more attention and content).

It is a surprisingly unfair situation that outright lies and intentional damage of a good business can go unpunished. Since options are limited, this official reply is our best opportunity to set the record straight...

We have invited them to reply here, where we can calmly dissect their claims and point out all the techniques that they use to spread misinformation. We can't do that anywhere else. Not surprisingly, they are not interested in replying in a forum where techniques like swarming would not be tolerated.


"Why" is the first question that we had to answer, for ourselves if not for you. WHY would this small group of people feel driven to a level of emotional reaction that is out of all proportion to anything short of a hate crime? All we can see is that we had the temerity to do such things as...

  • warn people away from bad approaches that some of these people recommended in the SBI! Forums. Solid recommendations are encouraged, but affiliate-linked tips and products that are known to be poor/counter-productive run counter to the forum guidelines. SBI! protects everyone from bad strategies and scammy products.
  • expelled about 1 SBIer per year from our own SBI! forums, refunding their money, for disrupting the forums. You'll see these types call me "dictatorial" or that we practice "censorship." But in every case, SBIers were relieved to finally be rid of each of those persons. They are loud, difficult, vengeful sorts who MUST have the last word.
  • compare SBI! to WordPress as a BUSINESS-builder. In fact, this became so obvious to us (that WordPress was not a business-builder "out of the box") that we later released SBI! for WP. SBI! for WP rounds out WP into a truly complete BUSINESS-builder.
  • the remainder of their claims range from outright lies to clever distortions of quarter-truths that turn molehills into Mount Everest. Their own conversations showed why they later "downgraded" some of their earliest lies to distortions...
    They began to fear lawsuits when they realized that our database would disprove many statements as lies, establishing them as liars.

We'll answer them all, once and for all, HERE, if they choose to debate us without swarming and without other ridiculous strategies that reduce rational discourse to a sham. We would love to surgically unpack each and every one of their claims, totally and rationally.

The only place that is possible is HERE. If you have found forum posts where we or supporters DID try to debate, you will see the vulgarity and lack of good will to conduct any fair discourse or civil debate.

It can take 1000 words and careful documentation to dismantle an ugly, negative claim that takes 5 minutes and 1 paragraph to make. No sooner would we post that reply taking apart their false claim, there would follow with 5 more ridiculous claims. Forum moderators liked the controversy, so let it stand. And on it went...

Running the Scam Against SBI!

Once a few of these people found each other, led by one particular person who wrote a review that was full of PROVABLE lies (data from our servers), their collaboration took off and reinforced each other's emotions (to fever pitch). They developed link-building systems that drove good search results. Here is how their campaign of negativity works...

  1. They use our name and tradenames to attract those who are interested in Site Build It! ("SBI!").
  2. They create doubt through a mixture of out-of-date information, distortions, innuendo, and lies.
  3. They interlink the negative reviews extensively to rank highly at Search Engines ("link spam").
  4. After falsely seeding doubt in SBI!, they sell their own (or affiliate) products or services.

Made-On-Demand Reviews

Most negative SBI! "scam reviews" are made-on-demand. These so-called "reviews" are fabricated by thousands of followers of "Make Money Online" ("MMO") gurus who promote dishonest and spammy schemes and products. They perceive the integrity and value of SBI! as a threat.

Update May, 2010: This group has now admitted that the spammy schemes they recommended have been struck down by Google. Their followers lost time and money.

Fake SBI! reviews often feature emotional attacks and 1-sided comments by followers. Other reviews are subtle, cleverly written and harder to spot. Either way, here is what is happening...

Followers of "Make Money Online" gurus create and interlink "made-to-order" negative reviews, even though they know nothing about SBI!... never even owned it.

Over the years, this relatively small but cultish group has used its SBI! training to generate a high number of extremely negative and totally false reviews that rank highly at Google. The intensely emotional ones were easy to spot - we advised people to watch out for the super-zealous tone.

So more recently, they try to look like the very "voices of reason." Calm, analytical, made-up stories. It's all still lies, though, or at worst, bent and twisted exaggerations of minor issues.

And it gets worse....

  • People who have read these fake reviews with all the trumped-up negativity do more than pass up the chance to use SBI! to build a business for themselves. When they see someone else ask about SBI! in a forum, they will answer (honestly trying be helpful) to "stay away because I have read some bad things."
  • Others, lazy affiliates for other products, simply "borrow" material from the IED reviews, reword it and bingo... a review. They clearly have never used it. They close by pitching another product that we know doesn't generate even 1/10th of the rate of success.

The IED material grows by itself. All they really need to do is create the thought, "where there is enough smoke there must be a FIRE - so why take the chance?" Do NOT let them push you to an inferior product like this. 🚫

Here is how to beat their strategy WITHOUT taking any risk. Call it 🔥 "fire insurance"...

How To Cut To The Truth

FACT #1   A disproportionately high percentage of SBIers build high traffic, more than ten times the average solopreneur. No matter what the IEDs say about SBI!, that one massive, inarguable fact is THE compelling reason for trying it. Just try it - you'll see.

FACT #2   SBI!'s levels of success are also unmatched. You will never see any other company showing documented proof of a track record of success like SBI!'s.

FACT #3   SBI! is the only program in the world offered at major colleges and universities at all levels, from undergrad to MBA to Continuing Education.

The above 3 facts do NOT mean that other solopreneurs do not succeed. Nor do all SBIers succeed. Those would be silly claims, although our IEDs claim that showing all our success stories is somehow vile and immoral.

Any adult knows that it is standard business practice. We do it more seriously, too, with solid documentation, in-depth analysis, etc. Even then, though, we do not claim that all these facts absolutely mean that SBI! must be the right product for YOU. So...

How Can You Be Sure?

Only your own experience counts...

STEP #1   Ignore "Site Build It scam reviews." They seek to mislead you to poor products that make them money. Heck, ignore them all, good or bad, because there is a much better way to be sure...

STEP #2   Find out for yourself today. Let the only thing that counts, your own SBI! experience, speak. Give SBI! a good, honest try, totally risk-free. Commit to it...

  1. Follow the Action Guide for 90 days (see our 90 Day Money-Back, "Confidence of Success" Guarantee). Or, if you prefer WordPress, take our free trial.
  2. Use the tools. Really do it.
  3. Need a helping hand? Use SiteSell Support or go to the SBI! Forums. They are the most useful small e-business forums in the world, a place where positive and motivated people live by the philosophy of "help and be helped" every day.

STEP #3 If you love SBI! the way most people do, continue building an online business that impacts your life. If not, we refund 100% of your money. Even the "smear reviews" admit we always refund.

And on that note, it's time to say...

SBI! Is Not For Everyone

No product is. Some dislike the approach as soon as they start it. Others realize that it's more work than they want to do. (SBI! makes success DO-able, breaking it all down into do-able steps - but we never claim it's "easy.")

Even for some who like and use it, some people don't succeed. All that is normal in the course of business.

What is not normal? The intense campaign to damage SiteSell as a business, hurt the reputation of a fine product and the personal attacks that once caused my daughter to ask why people say some really terrible things about me personally ("Hitler," really?).

All we can do is work on what we do control. We continue to grow SBI! into a better and better product, stronger with each major trend in the Internet. We integrate all such changes into SBI!, improving its effectiveness.

NOTE: Their claims that SBI! is old-fashioned and out-of-date is a blatant lie. The regular updating is one of SBI!'s big benefits.

This page explains our side of the story. We ask for your support. Do not believe them. Try SBI!...

No Risk, High Upside

SBI! costs only $29.99 per month. If it is not for you, just cancel and refund. Here's the 90 Day Money-Back, "Confidence of Success" Guarantee. As I mentioned, even the most biased "reviews" confirm that we always honor our Guarantee.

NOTE: If you prefer WordPress, take our free trial of SBI! for WP.

Total risk = $0. It all boils down to this...

Only your experience counts. That is the direct, fast and simple way to know.

You've nothing to lose except the pleasant experience of being the owner of a profitable online business. You'll never know the damage that these people will have done to you if they influence your decision negatively.

Best regards and enjoy the journey,

Ken Evoy
Founder SiteSell.com

P.S. Comments? I'd love to hear from you. And if you are an "IED," I invite you to a thorough and civil examination of each and every one of your claims, together.

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